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Pah can help you ...

Achieve more than you’ve ever thought possible regardless of your level of confidence.

Get more done with your time and energy

Build resilience and adaptability to enjoy life regardless of its challenges

Build the discipline that will help you remain focused and finish whatever you start

Appreciate fear and use it as a fuel to action
Download Coaching Brochure(English)
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 Bachir is a someone who truly care and want great things for other people. I had a privilege to get to know Bachir and work together as peer coaches. As a coach, he was able to understand who I am and what I truly want as well as helping me move toward the goals I have. He is intuitive, genuinely curious and skilled at navigating clients through their needs and wants. I feel  fortunate to know Bachir!

Ploychompu Srisa-an Senior Site Acquisition Manager at Microsoft

Thanks Bachir for your worthwhile coaching sessions. He helped me prioritize what was important in my life and professionally. I feel very supported and get new challenges towards my goal in every session we talk. I look forward to our continuing success. 

Deenij Jittanoonta

HRD Consultant

It has been a real pleasure and a great learning experience to work alongside Bachir in the last six months. Bachir has the rare ability to make you feel comfortable right from the start of the relationship, creating a safe and soft space to share any challenge you may have in your life. This amazing human quality to create connection added to his great listening skills and strong capability to raise meaningful questions are making Bachir a strong life coach that I deeply recommend to anyone who wants to progress in life.

Thierry Leclerc Director of ESSILOR Manufacturing

Bachir is the best coach I have ever encountered, I was going through a rough time with my career and personal life, he is the one who supported me and made my life beautiful again by showing me the right directions.


Software Engineer